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E book which took around an hour to If That Isn T Enough There Is Also An Entirely Searchable isn t enough there is also entirely searchable dvd of the Louvre collection included All in all a wonderful addition to my collection of art books Amazing book with completed pictures from the Louvre This is one of the most beautiful books I have ever bought The images are clear and well presented and the text is very interestingThe only complaint I have is that the CD ROM which comes with the book does not seem to be fully compatible with either Windows XP my main stand alone computer on which I do all my graphics work or Windows 10 my laptop which I use for the Internet The CD ROM opens on Windows XP and the index of artworks seem to cross refer satisfactorily However the images seem to have been designed for a screen with much lower resolution than my Eizo 24 is set up for When I try to enlarge them they drift off to the right hand side of the screen so only half the picture is visible On Windows 10 the index does not operate at all so there is no way of looking up the Artists Were I To Be Were I to be cast away on the proverbial desert island this book would be a fine choice for my one book other than the Bible and ShakespeareI adored working my way through it a task of uite some time The introductory chapters to each section are excellent and it was interesting to learn about how the Louvre collections were developed as well as what they contain Standards of illustration are high and the book contains very few proof reading errors and is sold in a solid slip case I now want to find out about certain artists whose work stood out for me for example George de la Tour Unfortunately as et I haven t made the enclosed. Inting and artist the date of the work the birth and death dates of the artist the medium that was used the size of the painting the Louvre catalogue number and the room in the Louvre in which the painting is found The DVD ROM is easily browsable by artist date school art historical genre or location in the Louvre This last feature allows readers to tour the Louvre and its contents room by room as if they were actually walking through the building DVD ROM System Reuirements DVD ROM runs on a PC Windows 2000XP or later and MAC OSX 1048 or later running the following browser software Internet Explorer 7 or 8; Firefox 36 and above; or Safari 50 and abo. ,

Duction plus index I truly and foolishly believed in my fellow man That those who did NOT have a problem making it work would tell us what computer they where using it s specifications and the model Plus any of The Ultimate EU Test Book Administrators 2020 you who At First could not get it to work and found a fixORWhoever made the disc could fix it because funnily enough the disc enclosed with the Vatican Taschen does not work on our computers eitherHowever this is NOT enough of a problem for me to only give it 4 starsYou can also get beautiful metal paper thin Bookmarks that will complementour book Alsofrom You can see my full review on the Foolish Fish YouTube channelThe book could have been perfect if not for crumpled pages at regular intervals where the reams of paper were clearly mishandled during printing I found a similar problem with the Florence book where some pages had black thumb prints all over them when I d received the book still sealed in the original shrink wrapThe awkward painfully slow 1990 s html image browser that doesn t allow ou to re size the images just to zoom in on a detail in a tiny window that comes on a CD ROM attached to the inside cover of the book does not work with any modern browser and must be opened in cover of the book does not work with any modern browser and must be opened in Explorer but the good thing is that the images can easily be retrieved to a local folder and browsed with a proper image browsing softwareThe scope of the book however is monumental and the commentary is exactly what ou d hope for from such a volumeAll in all a recommendation A great book split into sections for each of the major art schools as is the Louvre itself Huge and richly illustrated I sat down With This Immediately After Receiving this immediately after receiving and flipped through the entir. Volume Organised and divided into the four main painting collections of the museum the Italian School the Northern School the Spanish School and the French School the paintings are then presented chronologically by the artist's date of birth Four hundred of the most iconic and significant paintings are illuminated with 300 word discussions by art historians Anja Grebe and Vincent Pomarede on the key attributes of the work what to look for when viewing the painting the artist's inspirations and techniues biographical information on the artist the artist's impact on the history of art and All 3022 paintings are fully annotated with the name of the pa. My apologies for uoting from fellow art fans who have made at least three observations I myself haveUnfortunately I fall into the fans who have made at least three observations I myself haveUnfortunately I fall into the of those who are never going to be able to leave this country Getting to the Louve would be impossible and it probably takes at a week to sit and study the work ou wish to study Although this wheelchair can be a Secondly ou have to take into consideration the week Un Nol River Falls you have just spent finding the damn paintingsou want to see I am not insinuating buying this book is better than going into the Louve but at the very very leastthis can be an invaluable guide The book will tell Jane and Julio you the floor and also the roomour painting are so buy it first before Cruel Fae (The Dark Fae you set out to france and take notes on where it isou wish to go This book is probably one of the most beautiful things I have ever seenOne evening With the book on the desk I wanted a closer look at the detail of a piece of work I bent the lamp over onto the book The painting actually looked bloody wet as if it had just been finished Yes some of the art looked a little rough around wet as if it had just been finished Yes some of the art looked a little rough around edges but so would The Cambridge Handbook of Sociolinguistics you ifou had been around since the 14th CenturyAs some people have noted on other very large books with hundreds of pages it would of been sensible to put a Marker Ribbon for those who don t want to put bookmarks in the bookSecondly someone made the comment that one of the Taschen books was worth at least 100 I believe that this is well worth that very priceNow the down side well a little downer The book comes with a CD ROMWell for many of us ou would be better off using that as the damn bookmarkconsidering there are many of us who cannot get it to run all I can get is the intro. An historic publishing event Endorsed by the Louvre and for the first time ever every painting from the world's most popular museum is available in one stunning book All 3022 paintings on display in the permanent painting collection of the Louvre are presented in full colour in this striking slipcased book Comes with an enclosed supportive DVD ROM The Louvre is the world's most visited art museum with 85 million visitors annually and houses the most celebrated and important paintings of all time For the first time ever THE LOUVRE ALL THE PAINTINGS collects all 3022 paintings currently on display in the permanent collection in one beautifully curated.

read The Louvre: All the Paintings (BLACK DOG & LEV)

The Louvre: All the Paintings (BLACK DOG & LEV)