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Christmas at Carly's Cupcakes: A wonderfully plifting festive read (Christmas on Castle Street Book 1)

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Re if I was losing my reading mojo or if it was just a case of the wrong book at the wrong time I decided to browse through to see if I could find a light read and that was when I saw the wonderful festive cover of Christmas at Carly s Cupcakes and me being a sucker for a cupcake shop novel I instantly downloaded it to my kindleHow far would you go to support your familyCarly wants to be there to support her sister Bethany when due to terrible circumstance she is nable to return to her job but Bethany is anything
"but a natural "
a natural it comes to cake decorating With a whole host of mistakes it starts to become detrimental to Carly s business but how can she let her sister goWith the stress of this situation Carly is desperate for the return of her best friend Liam who is serving in Afghan Sister s Carly and Bethany working in Carlys Cupcakes shop in the north Yorkshire seaside town of Whitsborough Bay Bethany has been working along side her sister for four months with zero talent a liability Carly has plenty of patience with her Been very protective of her after what she been through Bethany is getting married to Joshua on the *22nd December just before the festive season Carly has had a big crush on someone that s lasted * December just before the festive season Carly has had a big crush on someone that s lasted years now nobody else compares to him This is such a delightful feel good book but a few tears will be shed so keep tissues handy To hug a bear this is all about b I have been a fan of Jessica s work for a little while now I haven t Sex, Rock Optical Illusions uite caughtp with all of her books yet but I am getting there Christmas At Carly s Cupcakes is Jessica s latest novel and it was released on 13th August 2020 It s another fabulous and delightful read from Jessica and I adored every single minute of it but about that in a bitI absolutely loved the character of Carly and I warmed to her from the start She is one of those girls who has been through a heck of a lot but she hasn t let it keep her down for long Instead she has pulled From Mistress to Wifey up her big girl s pants dusted herself off and carried on Carly runs her own cake shop She is a super talented cake maker I do think that Carly does have a lack of self confidence in her own abilities Carly works in the shop with her sister who is lovely but to say she is accident prone when it comes to icing cakes is a hugenderstatement Bless her she tries her best but it always seems to go wrong and Carly literally has to mop p the mess Carly hasn t got the heart to sack her sister who is going through a tough time and who has a distinct lack of self confidence Carly s love life hasn T EXACTLY BEEN HUGELY SUCCESSFUL I WON T GO exactly been hugely successful I won t go far into the exact details but she is destined to be with somebody who doesn t realise how she feels Her previous boyfriend was just a twit and treated Carly badly What happens Well for the answer to that estion and so much you are just going to have to read the book for yourselves to find out as I am not going to tell youIt didn t take me long at all to get into Christmas At Carly s Cupcakes In fact as soon as I started reading the synopsis I knew that I was going to be in for one hell of a fabulous read and I was spot on This was one of those. F pining after him can Carly pluck Dance With The Devil up the courage to finally tell him how she really feels by 25th DecemberCould a little festive magic make all of Carlys wishes come true this ChristmasA heartwarming short festive story of friendship and family from bestseller Jessica Redland Youcan find out what happens to Carly next through exploring her best friend Taras story in Starry SkiesOver The Chocolate PotCaf This is a new andpdated version of Christmas at Carlys Cupcakes which has been previously publishedWhat readers are saying about Christmas at Carlys CupcakesPure Christmas magic Mix in some fairy lights snow. It s no secret that I m a big fan of Jessica Redland s books They never fail to leave me feeling happy and warm inside Well I think I loved everything about this book The setting of Castle Street at Christmas time with all its independent shops was just lovely and I could picture its cosy charm easily I was particularly taken with the teddy bear shopThe relationship between Carly and her sister Bethany was great to read about too At first Bethany did come over as a bit annoying constantly forgetting to do things and ruining the cakes ite a lot Be warned that you will be craving cake by the time you have read this book by the way Carly knew that the employeeemployer relationship wasn t working but how do you sack your sister And she was so aware that she didn t want Bethany to feel even of a failure It was interesting and very sweet to read how that situation finally resolvedThe author also brought the relationship between Liam and Carly beautifully to life I so enjoyed reading about the support they gave to each other during their school years when both were the victims of school bullies *This Support For Each Other * support for each other to a firm friendship which endured past school and into their adult lives Even though both had had other relationships the friendship stood strong and was heartwarming to read aboutSo all in this book was a real winner for me great characters great setting lovely romance and plenty of Christmas sparkle I am desperate now for some snow this year to go and make some snow angels You ll know why when you read the book Poor Carly has her hands full but her heart is empty The Christmas cake order books are thriving and Carly desperately needs a steady and skilled hand with her cake business but instead she has her sister Bethany helping out whilst she recovers from a traumatic experience The problem is whilst Carly is desperate for her sister s confidence to be restored Bethany just doesn t have the skills needed to decorate cakes To make matters worse Carly is pining for her best friend and love of her life Liam who is make matters worse Carly is pining for her best friend and love of her life Liam who is serving in the army Can Carly help boost her sister s self worth meet her cake deadlines and find love this ChristmasThis is such a marvellous festive with romance a huge community spirit friendship and an enormous dollop of Christmas What could you ask forFrom page one I was overwhelmed by the warmth of the novel and fell head over heals for Carly and Bethany immediately Both ladies trying their best to overcome heartbreak and move on and both struggling in their own way I adored how much they supported each otherThe whole vibe of the cake shop teamed with the atmosphere and teamwork of the local traders created the ideal place to live It was like being welcomed into a protective community and I became so involved with everyone that I felt as though I was part of it allSeriously Put On Your Pyjamas Grab Yourself A on your pyjamas grab yourself a mug of hot chocolate and a cake and take a trip to Whitsborough Bay The only disappointment will be when you have to leave The last two books I have picked to read I really struggled to get into one of which was a favourite author of mine and I was nsu. Its the most wonderful time of the yearIts December on Castle Street; the fairy lights are twinkling snow has settled and the festive season is in full swingFor Carly the owner of Carlys Cupcakes its the busiest time of year getting everyones Christmas treats ready on time However with her clumsy sister Bethany as a co worker its proving a difficult task They say you shouldnt mix work with family Maybe they have a pointAs Christmas approaches Carly is also eagerly awaiting the return of her best friend to Whitsborough Bay Liam has no idea hes been the object of her affection since their schooldays After years ,

Books that was simply nputdownable I Became So Engrossed In The so engrossed in the that I couldn t have put the book down even if I had wanted to because I needed to know what happened The book wasn t exactly glued to my hand but it might as well have been because it travelled everywhere with me The pages turned over rather ickly as I raced my way through this story All too ickly I reached the end of the book and I had to bid farewell to Carly and her friends uickly I reached the end of the book and I had to bid farewell to Carly and her friends hope that this is not the last time we meet her Christmas At Carly s Cupcakes is superbly written but then I have thought that to be true of all of Jessica s books that I have had the pleasure of reading and reviewing She has one of those easy going writing styles that reads like a chat between friends than reading an actual story I hope that makes sense Jessica is one of those writers who ses such vivid and realistic descriptions that the reader feels as though they are part of the story themselves That s how I felt at any rate The only problem with this book was the fact that I ended Night of the Werewolf (Choose Your Own Nightmare, up craving cake which isn t good for somebody trying to lose weight Ha haI have to be honest and say that Christmas At Carly s Cupcakes was a difficult read for me at times I know that sounds really negative but I don t mean it that way Let me explain when Carly was younger she was bulliedite badly at school to the extent that it impacted on her daily life and she still bears the psychological scars as an adult When she was at school the school basically swept the bullying Lay My Burden Down under the carpet and she endsp not reporting the bullying incidents to her teachers because nothing was ever done This is where it gets a bit personal To cut a long story short I was badly bullied throughout school from 5 years of age Vérité (Love at Center Court, until 16 years of age After an assault at school I was left with a permanent disability which I will now have for life That would be bad enough but the psychological and emotional scars are even worse Like Carly I stopped reporting the incidents because I was fobbed off with either so and so isn t capable of bullying or you are being too sensitive Jessica has either experienced bullying herself I hope not or she knows somebody who has because she was spot on with describing how a bullying survivor feels She was so accurate that when I was reading passages about the bullying a shiver literally wentp my spine That s enough of my personal warblings but I just wanted to let you know why this book was at times difficult for meIn short I thoroughly enjoyed every single bit of christmas at carly every single bit of Christmas At Carly Cupcakes and I would definitely recommend this book to other reads I will certainly be reading of Jessica s work in the future The score on the Ginger Book Geek board is a very well deserved 5 out of 5 Sometimes you read a book in the romance genre that is totally Beyond the Qumran Community unrelated to present life But this story developed at a slow pace with two teenagers who grow into adults withnreuited love Between developing careers a sister with PTSD and confronting a past of disappointments and high school bullies Liam and Carly find a way to reconnect with each other again Lovely book and great writin. And sweets and you have a perfect holiday taleIt is a feel good story that lets you escape into a beautiful settingMy first Christmas book of this year and it will be hard to beatThis well crafted story was a Daniels Pet uick and engaging read that captivated entertained and sueezed the heartThis was the right story at the right momentplifting heartwarming and engrossingI cant begin to tell you how much I love Jessicas booksJessica Redland cant put a word wrong her books are a real pleasure to read so well written and you feel as though you are part of the storyAnother absolutely fantastic read by a truly fantastic autho.