EBOOK or PDF [Overcoming Gravity: A Systematic Approach to Gymnastics and Bodyweight Strength (Second Edition)]

This is honestly the most comprehensive book on bodyweight training that I have read and I m one of those people who is always buying new training resources I wish it had come out much earlier so I could have saved all that money as this one encompasses everything in those books and As someone who s been training with weights and ymnastic moves for almost 15 years I was still able to learn new things from this book and having all the exercise progressions in one place so detailed able to learn new things from this book and having all the exercise progressions in one place so detailed a Imagine That! gold mine Even if you are of a weightsuy this book has a lot of value in it for the sections on joint health prehabrehab and stretching Though I d imagine most of it would be of value to anyone who is into physical trainingValue 1010Information 1010 Just received the book Very useful book but the printing uality is not Elena's Conquest good Sentences at the end of the pages are missing or barely visible like the printer s toner was low It is a veryood reference book for bodyweight exercises as it will talk you through how to perform different exercises as well as display diagrams for the different progressionsThe book provides a Sister of My Heart good overview on the fundamentals of strength and talks about how you should train depending on youroals It is mainly focused on bodyweight strength as the title describes but it does talk about some misconceptions about lifting in King Alfred's Version of St. Augustine's Soliloquies general which I thought was useful if looking at this book from a neutral standpoint I ve been bodyweight training for a couple of years now all self taughtI decided that this year I need to create an actual plan to progress to the elite level This book has overwhelmingly answered any uestions I have had about programming and strength buildingI especially appreciate the description of shoulder placement on each move This is incredibly helpfulIt is worth way than 50 So if you are considering buy it just do its so worth it Most of this thick tome is really about designing workout routines and progressions which I am sure would be ofreat value to a personal trainer There is sadly not that much detail about the different exercises themselves howeverThe exercise diagrams are nicely done and they stand out clearly than some of the typical black and white photos some books use but of them would be helpful and much explanation as to setting up and conducting the exercises would be h The best calisthenic book there is by far very detailed and you would never need another due to the size and detail Every exercise is touched upon with reat progressions My only moan is the flimsy paper cover which is the same as a piece of paper This means that it will very easily become dog eared and will rip with only minimal use Commonly referred to by readers as an exercise Bible Overcoming Gravity Is A Comprehensive Guide That Provides A Overcoming Gravity is a comprehensive uide that provides a mine of information for Class of 92: Out of Our League gymnastics and bodyweight strength training within its large 85x11 size and nearly 600 pagesSteven Low takes the reader on a journey through logically constructing a strength oriented bodyweight workout routine With a highly systematic approach he delves into the physiology behind strength training euips the reader to adeuately prepare their body for the rigors of bodyweight training This book covers muchround that other books do not offering information health and injury management factors that contribute to a successful routine and actual program implementation If you prefer your health and fitness bo. Overcoming Gravity: A Systematic Approach to Gymnastics and Bodyweight Strength (Second Edition)My bible for training m The book is well written I m slowly incorporating the info and exercises into my routine I have a marital arts and some ymnastics background I haven t been working out for close to a decade and I miss the flexibility and challenge those sports ave me I ve been setting up a home ym to regain some skills flexibility and challenge those sports ave me I ve been setting up a home ym to regain some skills had in ymnastics I was looking for a book that would coach me along the way This is the book Thanks Mr Low for putting this book together Overcoming Gravity is the body weight euivalent of Mark Rippetoe s Starting Strength on barbell training and Thomas Kurz s Stretching Scientifically on flexibility training It teaches you everything you need to know in a systematic mannerSteven Low has a very neutral and simple writing style and he is very careful to make it clear when he is stating his own opinions and preferences While not the most exciting writing style it is easy to read and understand which is important when we are dealing with these complex topicsThe first 300 or so pages are theory on how strength training works in eneral things to consider when doing body weight and ring training how to structure a program based on your current skill set and so onThe book aims at the beginner but has plenty of juicy material for the advanced athleteThe last 300 pages are instructions and progressions for a wealth of different exercises The best thing about this part of the book is the overview it ives you You ll always know how to find easierharder exercises for your current needs The worst thing is because it covers so many exercises it doesn t Moonrise go into much detail I currently struggle with the Muscle Up transition and the book provides very little detail on what to do here in specific BUT There is a whole new chapter in this second edition teaching you Methods of progression which has made it much easier for me to think up my own assistance exercisesAll in all this book is much recommended If you are into exercise don t skip this one It is one of THE base books to have With that said it won t be the final book I can warmly recommend doing further research on specific exercises andoals you are currently trying to masterNot a perfect book but easily a 5 out of 5 Good book Boyfriend Loves It Me loves it Me so much not because of the book but because he is using me as a training testSide note if you don t love the book the sheer size of it would make it a Fallen Angel: The Passion of Fausto Coppi great weapon for any over eager eyes in theym ladies Very technical read but worth the money All progressions clearly laid out Be prepared to be humbled by how weak you are compared to how strong you think you are this stuff is hard so be prepared for the long haul. Explanation of each element of a routineAn entirely new chapter entitled Methods of Progression to ensure plateaus are never an issueExpanded sample programming that includes common faults made at different skill levelsMore real life examples of how a routine may lookAddition of proper scapular positioning and techniue for each exerciseUpgraded images that illustrate exercises from 2D to 3DModified charts withaccurate level placement and new leg exercise inclusionsFor a book preview including Table of Contents Introduction Chapter 1 3 and Charts seeThis book does not contain primary After Tamerlane: The Global History of Empire Since 1405 gymnastics skill work like cartwheels tumbling swingsiants etcv21 41717 25 editing and illustration errors are fixedv22 5217 Page 38 missing fixed Page available.


Have however decided to back this with a hard adhesive cover and will not use before this arrivescover to protect 5 stars anyway as it is the most comprehensive calisthenics book there is Steven Low has produced something amazing in this book and it should be in everyone s bookshelf Regardless of whether you use your bodyweight barbells kettlebells or rocks in your back yard this book will teach you how to program your workouts to Alien Alpha great effectThis is basically a textbook I mean it literally when I say I have never seen so much information in one book1 Back when I was a weightlifter I tried toet my hands on all the advanced lifting books by people like Siff Zatsiorsky Verkoshansky and Bompa All I needed was this book Steven Low has combined all their writings about building strength and strength programming for you2 Gymnastics workouts for non competitive adults are very hard to find This book is one of the few resources and easily one of the best Descriptions of each move and how they fit into progressions descriptions of why and how to set ymnastics oals He embraces barbell work and explains how to combine the two modalities3 He discusses how to combine to cross train between ymnastics and other sports I ve never seen this info anywhere Usually you have to ask uestions on internet forums and pick the knowledgeable answers out from the lunatics4 He discuses rehabilitation and prehabilitation in as much depth as textbooks detailing the careful the lunatics4 He discuses rehabilitation and prehabilitation in as much depth as textbooks detailing the careful for at least a dozen different problem areas in the human body I cannot tell you how invaluable this information is This could be a book on its own5 He describes flexibility and mobility routines in reat deal and how to integrate them with your strength training for maximum effect Again this could be a book on its ownThis is the only book I have ever read to combine all these different facets of training into one book And let me be clear everything in this book is discussed with a depth of detail only seen in textbooksi have never seen only seen in textbooksI have never seen much information in one bookThis book might be the only book you ll ever need I ve been training for a few years but after reading this book I realized how unfocused I was and really didn t have any kind of plan or oals etc This book opened my eyes and I can say I ve learned a ton in a short period of time There s so much valuable information in the book I know I will read it at least so much valuable information in the book I know I will read it at least and then use the sections I need for reference down the road once I et to the Intermediate and Advanced levels of training The book is well written educational and motivational I m extremely happy and satisfied with this book Worth every penny and will be. Oks to include scientific data comprehensive sample programming and effective recommendations Overcoming Gravity is the ideal choice for your libraryThis Second Edition has been revised expanded and re organized to read easier providecontent and offer easily accessible next steps for beginner intermediate and advanced populations Notable improvements from the first edition include the followingEditing team to correct all previous editing errorsIncreased clarity on scientific principles and routine constructionUpdated scientific information to ensure the book aligns with current researchExtensive information on body part splits and population modifications allowing one to construct a routine that fits their lifestyle and skill levelMore in depth.