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Shattered Sword: The Untold Story of the Battle of Midway

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At last the Japanese side of Battle of Midway Has Been Limned In English With Accuracy Lucidity Authority And been limned English with accuracy lucidity authority and The authors specialized knowledge of the tactics and technologies of Japanese naval air power their careful eading of surviving Japanese air unit ecords and their appreciation of the larger meaning of the battle combine to give us a combat narrative and analysis that superbly balance expert detail and grand historical import I suspect it of being a classicMark R Peattie author of Kaigun Strategy Tactics and Technology in the Imperial Japanese Navy and Sunburst The Rise of Japanese Naval Air Power Mark R Peattie A lot has been
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St word about this EVENT MUST EXAMINE PARSHALL event must examine Jonathan Parshall Anthony Tully s book on the subject Shattered Sword packed with new information will certainly become the definitive volume on the most important naval battle of World War IIEric Bergerud professor of military and American history at Lincoln University and author of Touched with Fire The Land War in the South Pacific Eric BergerudMany consider the Battle of Midway to have turned the tide of the Pacific War It is without uestion one of the most famous battles in history #Now For The First #for the first since Gordon W Prange s bestselling Miracle at Midway Jonathan Parshall and Anthony Tully offer a new interpretation of this great naval engagement Unlike previous Ccounts Shattered Sword makes extensive use of Japanese primary sources It also corrects the many errors of Mitsuo Fuchida s Midway The Battle That Doomed Japan an uncritical eliance upon which has tainted every previous
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account It thus a major potentially controversial eevaluation of great battle The authors examine the battle in detail and effortlessly place it within the context of Imperial Navy s doctrine and technology With the battle in detail and effortlessly place it within the context of the Imperial Navy s doctrine and technology With foreword by leading WWII naval historian John Lundstrom Shattered Sword will become an indispensable part of any military buff s library Winner of the John Lyman Book Award for theBest Book in US Naval History and cited by Proceedings as one of its Notable Naval Books for.