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He Wallflower Wager After the tools of her trade slip through her fingers Alexandra Alex Mountbatten finds herself in a bind and so agrees to become the governess for two young orphaned girls who currently are far from behaving like well behaved young ladies to the dismay of their guardian Chase ReynaudChase a libertine has unhappily inherited a dukedom he is next in line and two wards due to feeling responsible for the death of someone he cared forwas responsible for he feels he is unable able to take care of anyone And So Refuses To so refuses to and is planning on sending his two young wards to boarding school but until he does he needs a governess who won t be cowered or frightened away by the girls antics Alex in an attempt to teach the girls but also bring them out of their isolationshells decides to give "them lessons in being pirates and her lessons "lessons in being pirates and her lessons offSome of the best components of the book involved all the ways in which Millicent became sick died and was eulogized seriously entertaining Daisy and Rosamund Chase s wards were a delight and enjoyable secondary characters Part of me wishes we had seen some of their antics with the different governesses they had chased away rather than being told about them that being said the telling was enjoyableI really loved the glimpses we got of Penny and Nicola in this book and am looking forward to reading their storiesOverall a nice read although it s not my favourite I can see myself re reading this even if it s not as prolifically as the book that came before this The author writes in a smooth easy to read manner However this book misses the mark and does not hold the reader s interest Except for a few amusing ancedots with children and animals it is a tedious read Shallow main characters and an abundance of explicit sex scenes I ve read uite a bit of historical romance and this one is definitely a top tier book Especially if you ve read the first in the series The Duchess Deal This is the only series of the genre in which I ve felt actually rewarded for reading both books and not ust reading them as standalones Most of the time I feel like it doesn t matter because I don t care enough about the characters anyway but all the characters in this series are huge parts of each other s lives and I like them allNow my favorite part of this book is definitely Chase He s ust soo snarky witty devilish perfect All of the above I RARELY laugh out loud at books but many of Chase s lines had me lol ing And Alex gave me a few giggles too Her many of Chase s lines had me lol ing And Alex gave me a few giggles too Her sense of humor definitely adds to the feeling that she and Chase are made for each other At times I felt the chemistry was a little bit off but I think that s only because the book felt a bit rushed in the second half All the cuteness with his wily nieces than made up for the bad bitsMy only small complaints were the weird 21st century nods to the reader I don t appreciate anachronisms in my historical fiction especially when they re tired internet memes that were never funny to begin with Nor did I think the scenes with Ash felt natural and while bits of them were funny on the whole they seemed overly forcedOverall though I loved this book and will most definitely continue on with the Girl Meets Duke seriesHero 55Heroine 55Humor 55Heartache 35Steam 45. Stubborn little governess tries to reform him he decides to give her an education in pleasure That should prove he can’t be tamed But Alexandra is than he bargained for clever perceptive passionate She refuses to see him as a lost cause Soon the walls around Chase’s heart are crumblingand he’s in danger of falling har.

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35 4 StarsThis was my second Tessa Dare book and it "was delightfully different than the firstIt had the same charm and "delightfully different than the firstIt had the same charm and but the characters and their ourney was completely different than Emma and Ash from The Duchess Deal so I was very happy about thatThis book belongs to Alexandra and her bookshop rake ChaseAlex is a common born lady who has a good education and works for her living but through a series of minor misfortunes ends up having to accept an offer to be Chase s governess in order support herself and generate the income needed to pursue her goalsChase is a rakish charmer with a heart of goldHe has gone from 4th in line to inherit a dukedom to the heir over a few short years of pain and misfortune and along with the incoming title he has inherited the guardianship of two delightfully morbid young girls who had me laughing out loud than once with their anticsWatching the inevitable befall Chase ie falling in love with Alex and his two wayward charges was super enjoyable and I adored Chase s goodnatured acceptance of the daily funerals and excentricities of the girls even if he was bloody minded for so long about sending the girls off to boarding schoolI found it easy to read and thoroughly enjoyable but there was something about Chase s past ways that felt I don t know almost sleazy It wasn t that he did anything wrong it s ust the I struggled to accept how much he d spread it about in the past thus I would not have wanted to
take him on 
him on if he was charming lovely and utterly devoted to me if that makes any kind of sense Still I was happy he was able to accept love and family in the end and become a one woman man with AlexandraIt was lovely catching up with the rest of the gang throughout the book and despite not loving this one as much as The Duchess Deal I was left looking forward to reading Not my usual read but my goodness it was a fun hot readI think I need to rethink my ideas about regency romance on the strength of this bookI understand many devotees of classic regency might find it too modern but that s precisely why it appealed to meAlexandra Alex is no wallflower forging her own path in society She actually works for a living and has a deep knowledge and understanding of astronomy I loved the spin she put on the accidental ob she procured as a temporary governess No deportment lessons hereChase for his part is a very reluctant Duke in waiting He tries to cultivate a reputation as a cad but Alex easily sees through this facade to the kind hearted decent man he really isThe scenes of them together are full of longing and banter and the slow dance into falling in love I believed in them as a couple and routed for them as things took the inevitable downturnHugely enjoyable I thought The Duchess Deal was one of my favourite Tessa Dare books but oh my goodness I ust could not get enough of The Governess Game It was so so good and I couldn t stop smiling throughout I was that person with a silly grin on her face because the book was so damn adorable and downright funny Seriously people on the bus probably gave me side eye thinking I was going to go off on one or I was on somet Tessa Dare s latest novel The Governess Game Girl Meets Duke is a familiar trope of a governess falling for the handsome guardian. He’s been a bad bad rake and it takes a governess to teach him a lesson The accidental governess After her livelihood slips through her fingers Alexandra Mountbatten takes on an impossible post transforming a pair of wild orphans into proper young ladies However the girls don’t need discipline They need a loving home Try. Of precocious children and yet this novel is so unexpected despite its title The characters are so very memorable everyone of them title The characters are so very memorable everyone of them stay with you after you finish the novelHeroine Alexandra Mountbatten is singularly uniue for her time In Regency England she stands out among the English roses She is an American and Filipino and Spanish She is smart and longs for security she already is independent but she lives with her two friends and her dream is her own little cottage Alex is logical and romantic She has harbored a secret yen for a handsome man who knocked the books out of her hand at the bookshop She never thinks she will ever see him again but she does and he becomes her employerChase Reynaud will one day inherit a dukedom He is a libertine and unapologetic for it He is also guardian to two girls who have run off many a governess He believes Alex to be applying for the position of governess she s isn t she is there to fix his clocks He is desperate and offers her uite a bit of money to take charge of the girls for the summer ust until they can be sent away to boarding schoolFrom the first moments Alex enters Chase s home there is a sense of wonder and oy that Alex and her charges feel when they are together Indeed some of the "best moments in this book are between Alex and the girls Her kind compassionate nature is a "moments in this book are between Alex and the girls Her kind compassionate nature is a force in her relationship with the orphans who are hilariously funny I simply adored these young girls who were fiercely loyal to each otherAlex s relationship with Chase is logical and incredibly emotional Alex is gentle and insightful when it comes to her dealings with Chase Alex is a constant surprise and the dialogue between the leads is also written well especially when the two are emotionally honest with each other Her background was so uniue and interesting that I
wish i could 
I could known her as a young girl standing side by side with her father on the high seas One of the drawbacks of this novel and it is a small one is that I wanted background on all the charactersChase is a typical and not so typical rogue He was so attracted to Alex and the reader sees it in his actions and his words His point of view describes his inner life so well that the reader understands his conflicted feelings for Alex Chase is a good man who ust cannot accept that his past mistakes do not have to define him Fortunately he has three females living in his home to remind him The Baby Swap Miracle just how precious love is I rooted for everyone of these characters as soon as I met them I wanted them to be a family I wanted Chase to lower his guard I wanted Alex to work some magic with her thoughtfulness That all happens and the end of this novelust comes way too soon I wanted to know about their life together I sincerely hope that Ms Dare writs seuels about the girls Rosamund and Daisy I read the Duchess Deal and really enjoyed it I hoped that this second book would be as good and it is For me I think the author s strength is in the genuinely witty writing and amusing dialogue Don t read it expecting the historical accuracy for the time of Austen or Heyer but read it if you want to laugh and feel uplifted in fact I think the author could apply her writing style eually to modern stories I shall certainly read the next in the series called Telling that to their guardian Chase Reynaud duke’s heir in the streets and devil in the sheets The ladies of London have tried and failed to make him settle down Somehow Alexandra must reach his heartwithout risking her own The infamous rake Like any self respecting libertine Chase lives by one rule no attachments When .
The Governess Game: Girl Meets Duke Series, Book 2