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Mi karma y yo gOne year has passed since the ending of the first Without spoiling it the solution to Fletcher s situation seems to be of an excuse to let him age spoiling it the solution to Fletcher s situation seems to be of an excuse to let him age year off pageNevertheless the story itself draws the reader in without pulling them out too much I rather enjoyed how the author was able to round out the world as well as the people who populated You willet to see plenty of action and a dash of romance and tragedy The Twist are pretty awesome however the author once again leaves the story on a cliffhanger Thankfully the third and final book of the trilogy is already out It does make me think that in the future I might wait until the author actually publishes an entire series if he continues with the Cliffhanger endingsIn my opinion series such as these are like one book rather than 3 Thankfully I am a fan "of Epic fiction so long stories or books does not bother me Omg I absolutely loved this second book "Epic fiction so long stories or books does not bother me Omg I absolutely loved this second book took me at least a chapter or so to Everything Happens for a Reason: And Other Lies I've Loved get back in the swing of things because I totally forgot that Fletcher was captured and imprisoned But once Iot through that this was hard to put downI ended up hating even characters in this second installment loving new ones and being surprised and even knowing some of the outcomes We The Prime Minister of Paradise get to see Fletcher and Sylva s relationship blossom a bit Othello capabilities and even evenet introduced to some new characters Unfortunately we also Charlie O. and the angry A's get to see of Didric in this one as he teams up with the two others that Fletcher despises he most Isadora and her brotherI definitely can t wait for the third book to hit shelves I will be first in line at my local bookstore to purchase that A few months ago I picked up book one I couldn t put it down loved the characters so much I went and preordered this seuel The Inuisition Iot the book on Friday I finished it about 5 hours later This book is even better than the first one and it s building to an even better 3rd book These characters can t catch a break but still manage to kick much ass Political intrigue fast paced action moral uestions this book has it allThe worst agony Having to wait for the next installment A The Sisters of Sinai great continuation to areat series The beginning events threw me for a loop and I was really worried for Fletcher Iggy Othello and his father but it turned out well for them Especially Fletcher On to the next one O wonder How many oodly creatures are there here How beauteous mankind is O brave new world that has such people in t Shakespeare The Tempest V1 182 4 The Inuisition is the seuel to The Novice Book 1 of The Summoner series The cliff hanger at the end of Book 1 left Fletcher after a successful year at Vocans the school for Demonology i suddenly confronted by his past flight life which started his adventures Book 2 starts one year later when Fletcher has been largely rotting in prison while the world marched on Indeed no longer is punishment restricted by the security of a school s Rule Book now anything can happen in an adult world containing lifelong enemiesPerhaps there are two problems with this book each demanding an immediate in command of language and appreciation of a wider world and its challengesFirstly in the nature of the plot changes Suddenly the subject matter is but a pawn in a political and social system in which to uote Shakespeare again one may smile and smile and be a villain Hamlet 15 128 Riches appear to decide what anyone expects and ets in life Would that explain the scarcely credible rapid rise in social status of Fletcher however this transfiguration is essential to move the story on and beyond the restraints of Book 1 So for the reader it s a jump perhaps and with war being confrontation with the nastier side of lifeSecondly the circumference of the book expands from backwater Pelt and education at Vocans to that of a vastly extended variety of creatures and lifestyles In Hominum different kinds of creatures eg213 4 manage to exist together albeit with hostility but not as just jibes stemming from ignorance as in Book 1 Differing settings jungle and pyramid interior to name but two and a complex combination of demons and spells challenge the reader s imagination Contrast the outburst of Miranda uoted as a title above and what sometimes the reader encounters Must that produce a negative result Not necessarily problem solving may lead to failure the reader abandoning The Summoner or add to the richness that awaits any reader in the diversity of world literatureEven so the highly readable style continues and is punctuated by cliff hangers Pages 9 so the reader comfortably settled into a story line A B C D E suddenly finds that it s really A B C A2 B2 D and so on Tolkien uses that techniue in The Lord of the Rings Book 3 but the individual storylines are so long that it s like reading two books Thriller writers eg Jeffery Deaver will switch storylines after about a dozen pages and often BEFORE the cliff hanger appears Matharu s concentrated plot line helps a reader already facing an overload of detail Here the author doesn t rise fall to. A New York Times BestsellerA Publishers Weekly BestsellerA year has passed since the Tournament Fletcher and Ignatius have been locked away in Pelts dungeons but now they must face trial at the hands of the Inuisition a powerful institution controlled by those who would delight in Fle. The Inquisition: Summoner: Book Two (The Summoner Trilogy 2)From around the world and his magic system is uniue I couldn t put this I cant even describe how much I hate Rook Didric and the Forsyths They et on my nerves ugh But again Fletcher and his friends are freaking amazing And holy cow about Fletcher s parentage but it explains so much Im so lad that the king likes Fletcher and is trying to make a difference That ending though A twist i didn t even expect Jeffrey ugh freaking triator And I feel so bad for Sylva Her poor Canid I ll admit I had this book on my Kindle and then sort of forgot about it for awhile Once I finished up the 2nd book in the Trials of Apollo review forthcoming I dove right back into this one I remember enjoying the different twist on magic that the first book introduced and it continues in this one The second book in the series expands the cast of characters a little yet still manages to focus on our main heroes The author does a Dark Passage good job of writing the fight scenes and the dialogue that the characters have with each other feels natural and not forced The third book in the series is out now and I intend to starting reading it ASAP All and all aood fantasy read This book and this entire series was a huge surprise for me I had very average expectations for it but I have to say that this trilogy is strong in all fronts It has American Military History and the Evolution of Western Warfare good characters and character development A well built world a solid story andood amounts of suspense with non obvious resolutions Ahhh This was such a brilliant seuel to The Novice Honestly this is one of the best book series I ve read in a long time I absolutely adored the first book and was a little apprehensive Delivering Your Mail: A Book About Mail Carriers (Community Workers) going into this one as often the second book in a trilogy fails to maintain the same magic and momentum as the first I needn t have worried The Inuisition didn t suffer from middle book syndrome at all in fact I enjoyed it than the NoviceThe story picks up a year from the ending of the first book with Fletcher imprisoned and accused of the attempted murder of Didric The book wastes no time in throwing us into the trial and introducing us to of the nobility of the Summoner world including the King himself who I loved just for being a bit of a rebel There s no time to stop and dwell on the result of the trial or the big revelations that take place during it as our hero is reunited with his friends and sent on a dangerous mission right into Orc territoryThe Orc jungle that theyo to was like a feast for the imagination Taran s engaging writing style describes this fantastic new location in such lush detail that I The Vanishing Man: In Pursuit of Velazquez got sucked in immediately I felt like I was there right alongside Fletcher Othello and Sylva It was fascinating to learn about their enemies their motives and to meet of the many demons that exist in their worldSome familiar enemies return in this bookood old Didric is "Back Along With The Charming Isadora "along with the charming twins Taruin There is still animosity between the nobles and Fletcher s Easy Breezy Miracle group but it wasreat to see them put this aside somewhat in favour of the task at hand There were far important things to be worrying about than petty rivalry and the fact that even the nobles could rise above this to a certain extent just shows the Maturity Of The Characters And The WritingWe Get To Meet of the characters and the writingWe et to meet new people this time around too a female dwarf called Cress was easily my favourite I loved her so much She s snarky and utsy my perfect woman And familiar faces returned we Get Fast!: A Complete Guide to Gaining Speed Wherever You Ride got to see of Lovett and Arcturus my two favourite teachers 3The plot was fast paced from the onset and the latter half soripping that I struggled to put it down Though I read it over a few days in reality it was like four separate reading sessions where I devoured a big chunk of story in each one because I couldn t put it down after just a few chapters Outside of the main mission that they re on there were lots of small discoveries and a betrayal plot woven in and I was so disappointed by who the betrayer was I liked this person How could they do this to Fletcher BooIt ends on another cliffhanger seriously this author loves his cliffhangers but luckily I already have book three lined up and ready to The Pleasant Light of Day go You might want to consider having it handy too because you reoing to want to plunge straight into it after you finish this oneThis is easily one of my most recommended fantasy series it has elements that remind me of so many The Doctors 5-Minute Health Fixes: The Prescription for a Lifetime of Great Health great series There are vibes from Harry Potter His Dark Materials and Lord of the Rings Don tet me wrong the story is completely uniue and I m not saying it was influenced by these other books but I et the same wonder and excitement from it that I did reading them It s a fantastic series and if you haven t already I urge you to try it you ll love it This is simply an amazing read I don t normally write reviews but after reading this book I just had toNow I will not ive much away but it has the perfect balance of excitement adrenaline magic curiositywonder and courage These books will relate to you no matter who you are and really does relate to differences in culture. Il If they fail the orcish armies will rise to power beyond anything the Empire has ever seen With loyal friends Othello and Sylva by his side Fletcher must battle his way to the heart of Orcdom and save Hominum from destruction or die trying in this seuel to The Novice by Taran Matha.

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The techniue of teasing the reader introducing MISLEADING lines or "Does He Do That "he do the traitor trying to murder there are similarities with other works of Fantasy so is the Inuisition like the Magisterium in His Dark Materials Not uite The Magisterium protects the world from any knowledge of other worlds which would undermine essential belief Strangely the Medieval Inuisition persecuted heresy as undermining the SOCIAL order as well as religious belief but the Inuisition here convicts Fletcher of TREASON an offence against the POLITICAL The Go-Between government Is the rivalry among the nobles present here heading for the wars making up A Song of Ice and Fire by George RR Martin better known as Game of Thrones Perhaps that change is prevented by the continuous struggles against the external threat to civilisation The inhabitants of Tolkien s Middle Earth are physically separated than the Dwarves Elves and Humans in this book The Orcs appear beyond the Pale and only theoblins like Tolkien s Uruk hai are an unnatural form of life see the above uotation Note similar doesn t mean sameOne of the major successes of the book is the physical description of demons or just strange species Here s one example The creature looked a lot like a mountain hare were it not for its slightly extended snout shorter ears and long coltish legs It reminded Fletcher of what a hare might look like if it had the skeleton of an antelope and the hind legs of a desert kangaroo 285 6 Perhaps that s realistic than most of the descriptions in the Demonology section forming an appendixThe pace of the adventure inevitably increases Fletcher is warned that If you thought spell craft was difficult before just wait till you have to do it in a dog fight 219 The book s latter half is focused on what resembles some of the suicide operation beloved by fans of war films eg The Guns of Navarone 1961 Too Late the Hero 1970 The Eagle has Landed 1975 Just like them success against overwhelming odds is exaggerated luck coincidence is important and the enemy appear as somewhat stupid Perhaps that criticism is unfair because this merely follows the whole nature of the enreHowever the pace is slowed by occasional detail these hieroglyphs are in an essentially different language Whichever civilisation built this place they died out long ago That would explain the difference in size and architecture of the ziggurats that surround the pyramid No wonder it s so important to the orcs I bet they think this place was built by their ancestor ods 333 That prefaces a lengthy description of ritual sacrifice 334 336 but doesn t explain the proximity of ziggurats found in modern Ira and a pyramid found in Egypt and Mexico perhaps such a distortion can be explained as of ilding the ingerbread To conclude The Inuisition continues the high standard of its predecessor but owing to the above criticisms I award it only 4 stars From the author famous for using ideas from other books in the last book we had The Golden Compass Harry Potter Lord of the Rings Pinkertons in this edition we find King Arthur and StaegateFletcher woke in a prison cell he had been there a year he attended Vocans Academy where his best friend a dwarf known as Othello had managed to avoid a war between the dwarfs and the EmpireThe book continues with Fletchers dream of becoming a Battlemage he had a book once belonging to James Baker and was learning his spellsNot the most interesting plot Having loved the beginning of Fletcher s journey in THE NOVICE I couldn t wait for this second installment And as someone finishing off their own Book 2 of a trilogy I was keen to see how Matharu both expanded and deepened his world a boy was there a lot to appreciateMy favourite aspect of THE INUISITION was the marvellous secondary world introduced from Hominem the human world we are plunged deep into the orc jungles It drips with atmosphere espeially in the culminating scenes Matharu has plainly researched Aztecs culture to paint the orc realm and the result is so spot on you wonder why you ve not seen it done that way before It s one example of the way these books take familiar tropes and elements but shake them up so creatively that what you re reading feels fresh and originalSo the world widens but the relationships also deepen A winning cast of secondary characters is introduced like Cress the female dwarf warrior Imagine the love child of Brienne of Tarth and Tyrion Lannister No really do A personal favourite is Verity Faversham who is not uite what readers of Book 1 may be expecting The Prodigal Prophet: Jonah and the Mystery of God's Mercy given her family backgroundMatharu really excels at the bonds between Flether and his demon Ignatius and in this book Fletcher acuires two non human helpers To say would be soiveaway much spoilers wow And then at the end loyalty treachery and a shocking revelation In all the perfect cocktail to leave you wanting Shame it s another year till the final SUMMONER installment Matharu is a skilled world builder really did his research in presenting mythical beasts. Tchers downfall The trial is haunted by hosts from the past with shocking revelations about Fletchers origins but he has little time to dwell on them; the raduating students of Vocans are to be sent deep into the orc jungles to complete a dangerous mission for the king and his counc. ,