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Recommended Got this as "A Gift And I "gift and I love this book another one on my photo book collection Beautiful book Beeatuifulk book great service I love the work of Harry Gruyaert he s a colourist like many others who define this style William the work of Harry Gruyaert he s a colourist like many others who define this style William Ernst Haas and Alex Webb The compositions are complex some having very little human lement to the work but they work A good book for a collector Although having been compared to some of my favorite artists like Saul Leiter Alex Webb William Eggleston and others due to his use of color I simply cannot get into Harry Gruyaert S Photography Not That Some Of It Is Not Impressive photography Not that some of it is not impressive s just that he seems to change color palettes and techniues too much to produce consistency Some of the photos here are simply dreadful His 1972 TV images apparently were praised at the time as being uniue ye. The first retrospective of the pioneering work of Harry Gruyaert Born in Antwerp in 1941 and a member of Magnum Photos since 1982 Harry Gruyaert revolutionized creative and xperimental uses of color in the 1970s and 1980s Influenced by cinema and American photographers his work defined new territory for color photography an motive non narrative and boldly gr.

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All street photography is about getting in someone s face "with a camera and flash and freaking them out while you snap their photo Color line geometry and just one "a camera and flash and freaking them out while you snap their photo Color line geometry and just one image after another There s a consistent grace in the palette Gruyaert applies here It s somber kind of melancholic a deep thick color saturation with a Kodachrome red hangover but one that seems to support his perspective about the human condition There s a sense that he knows our absurd situation well nough but also sees a beauty in our trying to keep so many balls in the air "AT ONCE 1 OF THE PIONEERS IN COLOR STREET "once 1 of the pioneers in color street Got this book and it is beautiful Most of the photos are mind boggling and I don t regret the purchase for a second I am only a little sad that it doesn t include one of my favorite shots attached and no other book in print likely does. Aces the possibilities of digital photography taking further creative risks to capture light in new ways Gruyaert’s images are autonomous often independent of any context or thematic logic This volume the first retrospective of his work is a superb overview of his personal uest for freedom of xpression and the liberation of the senses 80 color illustrations.  Harry GruyaertT taking pictures of distorted television images was commonplace among photographers I knew personally during this period I also did it and like others just considered it an xercise rather than serious work We all tossed out our slides like painters throwing away failed practice drawings Other images presented here are weak and in some cases the colors are so off they make the subjects look illThere is no doubt Gruyaert has made a successful career from his work so it s hard to criticize his vision Still it leaves me unenthusiastic Can t say nough about this If you are a fan of Gruyeart "alex webb or steve mccurry just get this "Webb or Steve McCurry just get this photos and packaging Incre bles pictures Outstanding use of color I have not seen his work before and am very satisfied with this purchase Amazing photographer Beautiful book It reminds me that not. Aphic way of perceiving the world In 1972 while living in London Gruyaert created the striking series TV Shots by turning the dial on a television set at random and photographing the distorted images he saw there A later series Made in Belgium portrays his ambivalent relationship with his homeland in a palette of saturated tones In his most recent work he mbr.