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And lightly No where in the book do you get a true impression of the substantial and positive changes that have taken place in the South Rather you get concentrated doses of its past history and the remnants of that history that indeed still remainAs I say the books is dishonest because of its imbalance One uits it or at least I did with a desire to say to Theroux Yes yes all you have chosen to say is true as ar as it goes but why didn t you give the other side of the story eual time and emphasis While there remain problems in the South there is also much to admire in the way it has attempted to reform itself It is in Sono with Visits from the Seventh fact a better tolerant hopeful place than much of the rust belt north or even Theroux s home state It s a shame and venal of Theroux to begin by pretending to liking the South and then to go onor over 400 pages not so subtly undermining it As a native Southerner in my 60 s I ound this book to be sympathetic and insightful Mr Thoreaux did not disparage the rural lower class residents of the South but sought to understand their rustration with the changes wrought in their life Factories were moved to Mexico or other countries Longtime jobs were lost and there were no alternatives Wealthy people and politicians sent millions of dollars in aid to oreign countries while they received no help Jobs were gone health care was hard to come by education had bypassed many and they elt increasing vilified by the modern world Blacks in the South wanted to Heroes Adrift (Hero, farm and get loans but had to meet impossible demandsrom the government agencies I didn t read racism into every chapter It was sadness and loss Mr Thoreaux obviously loved his time in the Deep South and appreciated the people even the difficult People His Portrayal Of His portrayal of services was exactly as it is And there were no demeaning comments He enjoyed his time with the people in the churches In other words most the most part he understood Southerners This is a valuable book that should be read by people of all political persuasions and living in all areas of the country Not one of his best by some distance Like many of his travel books they have the happy knack of discouraging you Chuck and Danielle from going yourself but that sine I want to know warts and all Seems to be an uneven book some passages not enough really take off and Escaping the Endless Adolescence: How We Can Help Our Teenagers Grow Up Before They Grow Old flow like theirst visit to a gun Dogs Behaving Badly: An A-Z Guide to Understanding and Curing Behavorial Problems in Dogs fair but then he visits others which smells a bit like padding it out Many of the verbatim one assumes conversations are not particularly riveting or informative better if they were excluded Not knowing the area at all I tried toind some of the places on Google Earth but maybe I missed the derelict houses he describes the places on Google Earth but maybe I missed the derelict houses he describes it looked not too bad to me though trailer homes predominated And of course Google Earth excludes people In his initial review of authors he Gray Bishop fails to mention Bill Bryson s early work The Lost Continent of a tour into small town America which Iound both informative and readable He has a strong dig against Clinton which I ound a bit disturbing and maybe unnecessary While he makes a great play of re visiting towns and people he has met before I don t see he adds much to the tal. E soul ood cafes ound in every town no matter how small There is the ruined grandeur of numberless ghostly towns long abandoned by the industries that built them There are the state gun shows and the close knitsubtly orlorn tribe of people who attend and run them Deep in the heart of his native country Theroux discovers a land profoundly oreign than anything he has previously experienced. ,

And so hard to better the situation or all Most people don t just decide how they think a place is and t just decide how they think a place is and go in search of evidence to support it even as so many push Noir forward to change I wish the author would concentrate on hisiction and not on continuing the perceived racist gun show mentality of the Deep South Ok here comes another review of the sort that is going to anpissen anybody speak German here any serious reviewers and buyers here And I understand I get like that Myself Often EnoughI Haven often enoughI haven even read the book yet except Renovate: Changing Who You Are by Loving Where You Are for theirst couple of pages I ve only looked at the pictures and I m sold on this book already That and the subject of it I love the American South Gaffer for some strange reason but photographed by Steve Mc Curry Need I say Stunning pictures as usual all in that graphically reduced to the essential elements Steve McCurry signature style Of the uniuely beautiful American South My only gripe soar the book s Circumstantial Evidence format is still too small to do the pictures justice I ve got the hardback versionI ve heard of much that I would like about Paul Theroux s style and given the subject and the pictures I m sure I m going to thoroughly enjoy this oneIt s worth the buy justor the pictures If you like great photography like me Being an ardent Paul Theroux reader I was intrigued about wanting to know what he wrote about his own country A ew years ago I had visited the deep south but like most tourist went to Charleston Savanah New Orleans Memphis Nashville and enjoyed all I saw trememdously Little did I know that there is such a dark side to The Deep South and such poverty and desperation I and many other people of the post war generation such poverty and desperation I and many other people of the post war generation Europe have grown up admiring everything of the USA what a let down to know that the country of all oportunities cares so little about its own needing areas I also hope that Paul sent a copy of the book to the Clintons asking why their ou A well written but essentially dishonest book the dishonesty being the result of an imbalance It s clear Theroux had a vision of the south and southerners whites in particular before he made his excursions In the course of his wandering he appears to have purposely went looking or or only reports those encounters that support his prejudices The vast majority of people he spends time with are either minorities blacks native Americans or what he calls dot Indians rom India or whites he meets at gun shows From the minorities he extracts anecdotal stories and selected histories in support of racial prejudice while the gun show visits allow him to present a somewhat narrow slice of southern men and women who conform to a view of them as gun mad bubbasAnyone both honest about and A Chicken in Every Yard: The Urban Farm Store's Guide to Chicken Keeping familiar with the south would have to admit there is truth in what Theroux writes He does not deal in out and outalsehoods rather he misleads by leaving out He mentions that progress has been made and even touches on the phenomenon of northern blacks returning to the South because it represents a vast improvement over their lives in places like Chicago or Detroit But he skims over this ascinating revealing and remarkable bit of history uickly. G prose In Deep South he turns his gaze to a region much closer to his home Travelling through North and South Carolina Georgia Tennessee Mississippi Alabama and Arkansas Paul Theroux writes of the stunning landscapes he discovers the deserts the mountains the Mississippi and above all the lives of the people he meets The South is a place of contradictions There is the warm open spirit of th. ,

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In reviewing Deep South your perspective depends on where you are rom and where you reside I am a black southerner and ound the book deeply offensive Although he puts denigrating comments in uotes it is hard to imagine any southerner saying some words to a total stranger especially an outsider Consider or example that racial slurs are attributed to the Speaker Being Interviewed Most White being interviewed Most white in today s world would not say these words aloud Perhaps in the 1960 s but certainly not now Also Theroux paints a dismal portrait of rural southern blacks giving them little hope He basically ignores the large and growing black middle class in the south who are well educated with nuclear God Said, Ha!: A Memoir families He astondingly states that blacks in Africa have a brighteruture than rural southern blacks What Theroux needs to do is simply look at the GDP of rural blacks and compare it to the GDP of the countries of their ancestors Doing would reveal that Theroux is simply wrong I elt contrary to some reviewers that he was constantly looking down his nose at the south and at southerners But again such a book is viewed differently depending on the reader and in particular where the roots of the reader reside This is a very recent look at life in the southern States And How Things Have how things have or not since segregation was supposedly ended Given that it s so recent it s a shock to read that extreme poverty still exists in the wealthy US that exceeds even that in Africa where Theroux has travelled extensively and Theroux himself is shocked by this discovery while segregation still exists either overtly or covertly In act it was reading his Dark Star Safari that drew me to sampling of his work and I On the Right Side of a Dream found that I preferred the book on Africa as it was of a journey down the length of the continent with a beginning middle and end whereas Deep South is based on a number of visits returning to the same places and people during the different seasons That s not to say that it wasn t interesting and enlightening just a different sort of journey Having read and enjoyed several of Paul s travel books this one wasrankly disappointing I think he set off withsome sort of agenda And his attack on some of the great Southern writers was unjustified had no eel or the book at allGave up before the end something I hardly ever do I have been a Operation Iceberg : The Invasion and Conquest of Okinawa in World War II follower of Paul Theroux s booksor years now This one made me so mad do I have been a Arrows of the Night: Ahmad Chalabi's Long Journey to Triumph in Iraq follower of Paul Theroux s booksor years now This one made me so mad had to stop reading it because it is so unbalanced It s true there are social injustices everywhere in every area of the country in back rooms and board rooms and ball Michelin Green Guide Normandy fields To compare the American South to the hopelessness of third world countries is just not true Everyone in the South bears the burden of the Civil War mentality I had to stop reading at the chapter where racial slurs were discussed I just could not take it going on and on and onor hundreds of pages Theroux s book on the South is well written indeed as ar as mechanics of writing go It s truly disappointing that his travels missed the good things that stared him right in the ace but he chose to ignore the generations now of people who have ought so long. SUNDAY TIMES TOP TEN BESTSELLER Beloved travel writer Paul Theroux turns his attention to America exploring the landscapes and communities of his homeland as an outsider or the irst time For the past ifty years Paul Theroux has travelled to the What Every American Should Know About the Rest of the World far corners of the earth to China India Africa the Pacific Islands South America Russia and elsewhere and brought them to life in his cool exactin.