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The information on the card is fine but i could easily have bought a small paper book This product is TRULY a piece of crap I never write reviews but i feel the need to warn people that if you were ooking for some cards that you can keep in your pocket to read whenever you have a spare moment DO NOT BUY THIS These are true flash if that s what you are ooking for It s of BUY THIS These are true flash cards if s what you are Distant Echoes Finding Keys To Life After Abuse looking for It s of paragraph or so summary of an entire chapter Failing to see the usefulness maybe if you wanted a really condensed way toook at stuff right before an exam If you re studying for the Anesthesia Technologist cert get these Has everything on the test Good book for exam goer. Al refresher Includes case studies &A and must know facts Backed by the authority of Morgan & Mikhail's Clinical Anesthesiolog.

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 Morgan and Mikhail's Clinical Anesthesiology Flashcards (Lange Flashcards)

characters Morgan and Mikhail's Clinical Anesthesiology Flashcards (Lange Flashcards)

I am in Nurse Anesthesia school and am to start clinicals
thing that I ike most these
and am to start clinicals The thing that I ike most about these is that they really give the highlights of the different chapters They are not exactly flashcards as they do not give uestions and answers However they do seem to boil down the content and are a great review before an exam or just to review on a topic Buyers beware Not as advertised I was excited to buy these flashcards to complement my reading of the textbook and reinforce what I had just read But these cards are word for word the textbook written out on individual cards Seriously What a waste of money I recommend the textbook but I would Morgan and Mikhail's Anesthesiology Flashcards contain 320 cards that offer a fast efficient review of high yield anesthesiol. ,
Ot buy these cards if you already have the book Literally word for word the same Very azy on the part of the writers There was so much wasted potential First it s difficult to use as it s difficult to carry around as much as the bookA good summary anywayIt s very difficult to put it back in the box when mix up by mystake you are really in troubleI don t for the content I can recommend someone who already went trough morgan and mikhail full but not for the practicability Terrible poor uality these cards are PAPER thin they rip easily IT COMES IN A VERY SMALL comes in a very small Once you open it you can not put all the CARDS BACK IN WITH OUT RIPPING back in with out ripping Bending Them. Ogy Topics 320 Two Sided Cards Help them. Ogy topics 320 two sided cards help review every key topic in clinical anesthesiology Great for exam review or as a clinic.